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We were created to meet one clear goal.

Better machines. lower pricing.

We recognized a clear need to produce quality machines for a fair market price when we began researching comparable equipment. We found most items to be over priced and mechanically inferior to what was needed to meet todays demands.

We knew we could do better.

We do better.

This inspired an all out information assault on the industry as a whole: We went in deep. If there was something to know about the soft serve business, we learned it; If there was some place that used, marketed, produced, distributed, or serviced self serve equipment or supplies, we went there. We took it as a personal challenge to learn anything and everything we could about the current supply and demand chain, we did the research.

What we learned enabled us to create a vast network of global partners currently manufacturing industry leading machines. We had specific requirements, we knew what we wanted. We began having several companies create prototype machines based on our stringent specs. Then we waited…and waited.

When our sample machines arrived, we went to town. If you can imagine how you drive a rental car: We went there. We operated those machines warp speed and the one that didn’t break, well we kept trying to break.

After the initial equipment selection, we made various operational improvements. We leaned down the user interface and controls to ensure simple, worry-free operation. We improved several internal components and simplified maintenance and cleaning operations. Then we ordered more samples.

In the end…we reached our goal.

The result of our hard work is visible in our ability to provide functionally superior machines at a below-market cost. We can provide a path for savvy investors to quickly attain return on investment and move towards profitability; creating jobs, achieving financial independence.

Trust in us and we’ll trust in you!



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