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SS144Recommended to frozen yogurt shops that require a higher output, more control, and creamier frozen yogurt. The SS144 has more functionality, and can produce consistently creamy froyo throughout the day. It has a hopper agitator standard, and controls on the back which is helpful for self serve frozen yogurt stores.

The SS144 breakdown

Freezing Cylinders: Two x 1.8 quart cylinders
Hopper Agitator: Standard
Hoppers: Two x 15.9 quarts each
Separate Hopper Refrigeration: Maintains mix temperature below 40°F
Mix Low Indicator Feature: When yogurt mix level is low, the Mix Low light turns “ON” to alert operator to add mix.
Compressor Shut Down Feature: Prevents freeze up or machine damage.
Standby Feature: Maintains safe product temperature in the mix hoppers and freezing cylinders below 40° during long no-use periods.
Microprocessor Controls: Automatically regulates refrigeration and maintains consistent product quality by controlling product temperature and viscosity. Can be set to go into standby automatically.
Counter Feature: Records number of dispenses per day and total number of dispenses.
Temperature Display: Displays hopper and cylinder temperature.

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We’re excited to tell you about the commercial certifications and UL ratings, oh, the complete Stainless Steel construction and one button operation. Perhaps we can tell you about the digital front interface and user friendly operation?

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