Secret Revealed – How to Produce Creamy Frozen Yogurt Product Every time!

Your business is only as great as your soft-serve frozen yogurt or ice cream is in the self-serve fro-yo industry.  This should make producing quality, creamy, great tasting frozen yogurt a soft-serve owner’s main priority.  Instead of trying out an array of different methods to find which ones work and which ones will leave you hanging, we decided to share our in-house secret to producing the best possible ice cream / frozen yogurt.

Drum roll please…

The secret is…cycling your frozen yogurt. 

Yes sir / mam it really is that simple.  And here is how you accomplish it:

Simply prevent any further ice cream from flowing into the freezing cylinder.  Once this step is complete, draw out all of the ice cream / froyo that is currently in the freezing cylinders.  If the drawn ice cream is completely defrosted, then put the product back into the hoppers.

If the drawn frozen yogurt is not 100% defrosted, wait until it is before adding it back in the hoppers.  This will prevent any clogging or build-up.

The above method is by far the easiest and one we recommend the most, however, I always like to give people options so here is one more way to control your frozen yogurt texture:

The secret is…creating an air pocket.

Here’s how you do it:

First, flip your air tubes upside-down preventing any ice cream from flowing into the freezing cylinders.

Second, draw out 5-7 oz of ice cream from both the left and right draw valves.  This will allow for the creation of an air pocket.

Next, put your machine on wash for about 3-5 minutes.  This is where the frozen yogurt / ice cream will mix with the air.

Now simply put your machine back into freeze mode.

After the freezing cycle has been completed, return the air tube’s to their original position.

Now that you have the information you need to produce the creamiest frozen yogurt and/or ice cream in town, I challenge you to train your entire staff that way you know what quality your froyo is even when you aren’t at your store!

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