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Follow us as we navigate the United States in our State of the art Mobile Demonstration Unit (MDU).

This bad boy will be outfitted with all of the necessities for meeting with franchise owners and prospective clients nationally in order to promote the emerging Forte brand. Entrepreneurs looking to start a frozen yogurt (froyo) business can “start swirling” instantly, when the MDU tour begins on Wednesday, May 1, 2013. The refreshing and innovative trek will launch from Plymouth Rock, Mass., and make its way across the country.MA_3095-1

Our MDU is completely self-sustaining with its own electric, water and air conditioning, and, of course, a soft serve ice cream machine.

“We want to show you how easy the SS100 is to use, even in small spaces with limited power and cooling.”

The eco-friendly self-serve machines feature simplified maintenance and cleaning operations, along with an easy-read, digital-touch display panel and snap-back levers to prevent unnecessary leaking. Not only will the MDU house functional froyo equipment, it will also contain all the essentials new business owners need to “achieve their dreams of owning frozen yogurt stores,”

Our MDU froyo road trip will make several stops at industry tradeshows, as well as provide pre-scheduled individual demonstrations. The unit will also be used to visit current customers to offer ongoing training and support, free of charge, as well as factory training to new service providers.

To schedule a demonstration, call (720) 259-0444 or CLICK HERE!


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Check back and stay tuned as we tour the US on our Cool Off tour.




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